Ines Reingold-Tali alias Inez

(born in 1970 in Tartu, Estonia, resident in Helsinki, Finland), she is an Estonian-Finnish composer, artist and performer. She graduated from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater. She received her Master of Music degree and a Philosophy Doctorate research work in musicology in Finland. Since the mid-1990's she has belonged to a new generation of composers in Finland interested in experimental and electronic music. Her repertoire includes electro acoustic chamber music, experimental, electronic and film music. She has been engaged in commissioned projects in the fields of electro acoustic, contemporary chamber and experimental music, in different audio-visual art projects, video art, poetry, performance, theatre, short films and radio-art. Her compositions have been broadcast internationally on various radio stations and television channels in many European countries, Australia, Canada and the USA. Her works have been published on solo-albums and international compilations by various labels. She has been nominated to participate in various international festivals, exhibitions and conferences, e.g. Biennale Internazionale dell'arte Contemporânea di Firenze 2007 in Italy, LACDA International Juried Competition Winners Show (award) at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art in USA 2007, 30e Festival International des Musiques Syntheses 2000 in France and international conferences on musicology, among others.
Selected works: Aegajalt, 1995, contemporary, electroacoustic; Passione d'Amore, 1994, contemporary, electroacoustic; Obsession, 1995, contemporary, electroacoustic; Suite Ad Astra, 1995: Dark Power, Sound of Silence & Per Aspera, contemporary, electroacoustic; Déjà vu 1997/1999, commissioned by Kemi Snow Castle, electroacoustic, trance; Suction 1999, electroacoustic, contemporary; Q.res@Pirator, 2000 - electroacoustic composition for female voice and synthesizers; X-Tato-Holic 1998/1999, electronica, house, pop; Transparent O! 1999, electronica, pop; Meta-Rendez-vous, 1999/2006 for chamber orchestra, bass singer, female and male voices.
Selected recordings: Passione d'Amore solo-album, record label FG Music, 1995; Energy of Visions CD album 1999, record label K-tel International; Compilation album Energy Xtravadance, 1998, NRJ Radio& K-tel International; Compilation album Sounds! (featured Suction, 1999.

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