Caroline Wilkins

Born 1953, Taunton, UK, studied piano and composition at the Royal College of Music. From 1982-87 she lived in Sydney, guest-lecturing in piano improvisation and new music theatre composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. In 1987 she was awarded an Australia Council grant for further new music theatre composition study with Mauricio Kagel in Cologne. Since 1989 Wilkins's music has received performances, prizes and broadcasts worldwide. She was awarded the Karl-Sczuka prize from South West German Radio in 2000 for her radio composition Mecanica Natura. She currently lives in Britain, where she has just completed a practice-based PhD in sound-theatre composition at Brunel University, West London. Her works are published by G. Ricordi & Co. Munich.

Cecilia Wennerström

(born 1947, resident Stockholm/Sweden), is a jazz musician, saxophone player, composer and arranger, educated at the music academies in Malmö and Gothenburg. Together with Maria Kvist pf, Filip Augustson cb and Chris Montgomery dr, Wennerström formed her Cecilia Wennerström New Quartet. She is a member of Wennerström Larsson Explicity, a free jazz group together with her husband Sven Larsson, as well as the octet LARS 8, which plays compositions by Lars Gullin and other Swedish jazz icons. She also plays in various constellations with cornetist Anders Ellman. From 1979-91 she was the leader of Salamander, a quintet that toured Europe on festivals and clubs. Salamander made its debut 1981 at the Women´s Jazz Festival in Kansas City, USA. They also played at the North Sea Jazz Festival. In 1986 she played baritone saxophone and flute with Swedish actor/comedian Kurt Olsson Ladies Orchestra. This cooperation with Kurt Olsson/Lars Brandeby, started out as a "just for fun" thing but soon grew to enormous success with many TV-programs, recordings and shows during 1987-91, the peak of it all being when the Kurt Olsson team was Sweden's contribution to the TV-festival in Montreux in 1989 and won the Chaplin Prize. In 1990 she began working with the singer and voice art performer Marie Selander in several projects, such as Blåst-Tuuli-Wind. For several years Wennerström played baritone saxophone with the legendary Gugge Hedrenius Big Blues Band. She was also a menber of the all nordic women's big band, April Light Orchestra in 1994-96. Wennerström has worked with Nisse Sandström's 10-piece, Rolf Ericson and singer Peo Jönis. She has always composed her own music.
Selected recordings: 1997, Cecilia Wennerström Minor Stomp, Four Leaf Records; 2001, Cecilia Wennerström Quartet with Ellekari Larsson, Stuck Zipper, Four Leaf Records; 2013 Lydian Mars.
Awards, selection: 2011: STIM grant (the Swedish Performing Rights Society); 2010, 1993, 1986, 1982 Working grants, Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

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Christina Wagner Smitt

(born in 1960, in Gentofte, Denmark), composer. She graduated as a pianist from the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen 1985. She studied composition with Niels Wiggo Bentzon, Ib Nørholm and British composer Oliver Knussen. She has been performed in Denmark and in many other countries, working with mixed genres of rhythmical and classical traditions, piano-music, chamber music and a long song cycle. Her choral work Der findes (There exists) was performed by Ars Nova choir at the Peep festival 1992.
Selected works: the choral work Der findes (There exists)

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