Abe Kyoko

(Tokyo 1950, resident in Austria since 1972).

Graduated in composition from the Kunitachi College Music in Tokyo and the Vienna Academy of Music, where she studied composition with Eric Urbanner  and electronic music with Dieter Kaufmann. She completed  further studies with Roman Hauben-stock-Ramati. Since 1988, she has collaborated with the TA-MA-MU ( Tanz- Malerei-Musik )
(dance painting music) Ensemble in Vienna. She has given over 50 performances with the ensemble in Europe and Japan. Abe has given lectures in the Musicology Department and the University of Vienna, at the Anton Webern Congress, at the Kunitachi College of Music in Tokyo, at “EXPAN”, the international new music workshop, and elsewhere. She has received commissions from the Walter Buchebner Society for steirischer herbst, IGNM, the Japanese Embassy in Bulgaria, the Nango Jazz Festival in Japan, international ensembles and others. Her works have been published by Ariadne in Vienna as well as by herself.
Discography: Trio for three for Fl.,Va and harp (CD, Ignm Austria)  Die Zeitfalte for Ob., VI., Kb. and harpsichord (CD, King Records)  Das rote Objekt (electro-acoustic music) by TA-MA-MU   
Premieres: Die Jahreszeiten for mixed choir, 1979, musikprotokoll steirischer herbst (Graz 1981);
Soundscape for piano and chamber orchestra ( Sofia 1999)
Kassai Aomori for jazz trio, string trio and Japanese instruments, Nango Jazz Festival (Japan, 2001)
Awards: Ernst Krenek Award of the City of Vienna

Contact:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.      abe.kyoko.at

Aichinger Elfi

(Born and resident in Austria).

Followed classical training (piano, voice) in Vienna and Salzburg, and has conducted intensive experiments exploring highly diverse techniques and the possibilities of the voice as instruments. She teaches ( voice, vocal ensemble, composition) at the Institute for Popular Music the Vienna University of Music and performing Arts at the Department of Jazz and improvised Music at Anton Bruckner University, as well as various master classes such as at The Lucerne School of Music. Since 1987, she has had an international presence with Jubilo Elf, Ames, Memorable Incident and Drintakein. The “ Diva of the Unheard”-according to the press-composes by means of the voice and further explores the voice’s boundaries. Her unmistakable works unite musicians from the most diverse musical genres ( jazz, classical, electronic, folk music, etc)
Selected works: Zum Sterben bin ich viel zu jung, symphonic poem, deals with P. Kelly/ G.Bastian  (Wiener Festwochen commission, 1994);Hundsturm und Kirchewiese ( Klangforum commission, 1996);Langsam wie ein Planet sich dreht…, after a narration by M.Ende ( Minoritenkirche Krems commission, 2003)
Performances/ collaborations:Ensemble Ames at the Saalfelden Jazz Festival  /Cologne Jazz Festiva ( 1992/93); 3 Part Brucknerhaus portrait ( 2004)

Drintakein at the Sprudel- Sprudel Festival ( lake Toplitz, 2007)

Contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   www.elfi-aichinger.com

Anari Alberdi

(born 1970 in Azkoitia, Guipuzcoa, Spain) is a Basque singer/songwriter. Her first steps in music were as a drummer in the group Psych Out, with lyrics in English. Her first album, Anari (1997), established her as an important reference point in the Basque music scene. The texts of the lyrics are inspired by Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Eduardo Galeano, Joseba Sarrionandia or Ruper Ordorika. Her second album, Habiak, did not arrive until 2000 and in 2005 her third and most acclaimed work appeared, Zebra. This album was recorded in the studios of Bomberenea, squatted house of Toulouse. In 2006, she started working at a secondary school in Ordizia, teaching linguistics, Hispanic literature, and philosophy. In 2007, she created the record Bidehuts with members of Ero Ni and Lisabö Inoren, to edit their own work. In 2008 her first reference to that label appeared: Anari Kafe Antzokian Zuzenean, an EP of five songs recorded at the Kafe Antzokia (Bilbao).
Recordings: Albums (CD): Anari (Esan Ozenki, 1997); Habiak (Esan Ozenki, 2000); Zebra (Metak, 2005); Irla Izan (Bidehuts, 2009). Singles and EP: Anari Kafe Antzokian Zuzenean (Bidehuts, 2008); Splits; Anari ta Petti (Metak, 2003); Collections: «Postariarena», in Ikastola Berria Eraiki Dezagun Zuberoan (Esan Ozenki, 1997); «Ilargia barruan», in Oztopo Guztien Gainetik Bonberenea (Bonberenea Ekintzak, 2002); «Muga kanta», en Acuarela songs (Acuarela, 2004); «Habiak», in The Rockdelux Experience. 23.11.2004 (Sinedín-Rockdelux, 2005).