Debora Quattrini

(Milano, 24 Settembre 1972), cantante, compositrice. Si è esibita in molte manifestazioni musicali e jazz festivals come: "One Night Jazz" ,al Teatro delle Erbe di Milano, "Jazz e Dintorni", "L'altra Musica" ,a Roma, "Poschiavo Jazz" ,in collaborazione con il "Montreaux Jazz Festival" in Svizzera. Nel 1994 incide il suo primo singolo “Feel me tonight”, al quale seguono “Your love” e "You wanna play". Ha cantato come solista in diversi dischi Jazz come "Escape from Reality", "Living in the fast lane".

María Quintanilla

(born in 1979 in Badajoz, Spain). Composer and teacher. She studied composition, specializing in composition with Audiovisual Media at the Conservatory of Music of Badajoz, finishing her studies with honors. She has a degree in Library and Information Science from the University of Extremadura. She is a founding member of the Association of Composers of Extremadura (ACEX). She represented Extremadura in the Third National Meeting of Creation and Research, and Spain in the 52. Internationales Jugendfestspieltreffen (Germany). She was awarded a scholarship by the Junta de Extremadura and the Ministry of Education and Science for the realization of artistic projects and training, and invited as a speaker at the University of Extremadura and Film Archive of Extremadura. She has composed music for montage Wild Oscar and La tempestad, Zapping Teatro and the soundtracks of several short productions of Extremadura and Andalusia. She is currently Professor of Music Theory at the Conservatory of Music in Huelva and combines her teaching with her work as pianist and composer.
Selected Works: 1; Creí que tú; Quinteto 1752, fl, 2 vl, vla, vlc; Two Pschycotropic Mantras, 2004, sax, tape.