Yi Xu

(born in 1963, Nanjing, China, resident in France), composer. She began the Chinese violin in her natal city. She continued to study the violin at the Shanghai Conservatory and at the age of seventeen, she joined the class of composition. At twenty-two, she became a professor of violin at the Shanghai Conservatory. On her arrival in France in 1988, she followed the course of composition and Computer Music at IRCAM (1990-1991). She entered the Paris Conservatory where she studied with Gérard Grisey and Ivo Malec and won first prize for composition in 1994. She was the first Chinese composer to become resident at the Villa Medici in Rome (1996-1998); she became professor of composition at the Conservatoire National de Region de Cergy-Pontoise (2001-2003). She was invited to the Shanghai Conservatory (2004-2010) as professor. She is currently composer in residence at the Conservatoire Darius Milhaud. Yi Xu has received commissions from the French government, Radio-France, many festivals and ensembles of China, England, Switzerland, Italy and the United States. Forty of her works have been broadcast and performed in various festivals in China, Japan, Europe, the United States, Brazil and Canada. Several monographic concerts were dedicated to her music in France and Italy. Le Plein du Vide has been selected by the Ministry of Education as proof bachalor degre in 2006 and 2007. The works of Yi Xu are mainly published by Editions Henry Lemoine.
Selected works: Joie du ciel, 2012 (12' ca); Guo Feng, 2006-2007 (20' ca), for violin, cello, qin and sound master with electronic device spatial in 8 tracks; 1+1=3, 2004 (20' ca),  for solo percussion and two percussion groups; Dialogue d’amour, 2000 (30' ca), for soprano, children's choir and 13 instruments; Tempête sur l’Asie, 2001 (2h), silent movie concert for the film Pudovkin 7 instruments and electronics spatial in 7 tracks; Da Gui, to the memory of Gérard Grisey, 1999 (21 ca), for flute, clarinet, percussion, violin and cello; Echo de la Terre profonde, 1997 (17' ca), for 5 percussion; Le plein du vide,1997 (15' ca), for 14 instruments and electronics spatial in 8 tracks; Gu Yin, 1995 (10' ca), for flute and percussion; Huntun, 1994 (13' ca), for 5 spatialized instrumental groups.
Awards: 2006-2007, Le Plein du Vide, selected by the Ministry of Education as proof bachelor degre;1996-1998, resident at the Villa Medici in Rome 1986; 2nd Prize Chinese Disk.

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