Agnès Poisson

(born in France, 1955, resident in France), composer and sound artist. She chose to write her music with objects / sounds, investigating the acousmatic space in the poetic writing of this art, a way of being to the world.  After a classical music formation in Saint-Etienne (cello), she investigated the musical composition for the theater of Recherche de Marseille with Andonis Vouyoucas and the Théâtre Expérimental de Provence compagny with Jean-Louis Sackur. She studied at the university of Pau in the class of Guy Maneveau and was in charge of the course of Musical computing at the university of Toulouse-le Mirail, for four years.  In 1995, she created the association Préludes with Daniel Bisbau in the Drôme and the "Plancher Musical" as well as numerous sound installations. From 1995 till 2002, she participated in the Futura festival supervised by Denis Dufour, for the programming of concerts as well as the performance of acousmatic musics. In exchange with the sculptor Goulven, she realized a sound space for exhibitions and realized, with the complicity of Denis Dufour, a sound space of the Tower of the city of Crest. She created sound and plastic installations within the framework of In Situ Art (Drôme), Oxford (GB) and Bonn (D) and other diverse demonstrations. In residence in “La Vie des Formes” (Mark Di Suvero) to Châlon-sur-Saône, she participated in the inauguration of the Charbonnières-les-Bains site.
Selected electroacoustic Works: Ombre et lune, 1989 ;  dormante, 1997 ; Le sourire de Caron, 2003 ; Le temps du rêve, 2005 ; Motifs sur un fil, 2006 ; Parabole du grenier, 2008 ; Fantaisie, 2012.
Sound Installations (with Daniel Bisbau) : Plancher musical (interactive device), 1995 ; Les Beaux parleurs, 2010.
Music for musical theater: "Hors-jeu", musical performance, fl, clt, staging Stéphane Guignard, Eclats Group Bordeaux 1997.
record publishing : "Elle dormante" MOTUS Acousma M399002

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Albena Petrovic-Vratchanska

(resident in Luxembourg) composer of Bulgarian origin. She has written more than 600 works in various music genres. Some of her works are published by Schott Music international, Noise Watchers edition and, her pedagogical work is published by her own edition. In 2001, she composed the music for the book Wann de Piano rose gëtt, published by CID Femmes and edition PHI. In 2007, her composition Gladius for electric guitar and instrumental ensemble was commissioned for the Cultural Year in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. At the same time, she was granted the Cultural Award and the Certificate of Merit for services to the culture from the municipality of Hesperange.  That same year, she was also a jury member of the International Composition Competition "Valentino Bucchi" in Rome, Italy. In 2008 and 2009, two works for brass ensembles, My name is Taurus and El Bosque Encantado, were written and performed. The premiere of her instrumental theatre piece Le Retour des Papillons("The Return of Butterflies"), a multidisciplinary project with original music, pantomime, light effects and video elements, took place in 2010 in the Luxembourg Philharmonic. The year 2011 was dedicated to a complex pedagogical project; the musical theatre for children The Bunny in Love and the illustrated musical book with a CD.  In 2011, she also composed To meet a Bird for violin and Magnifico, concert piece for solo trombone and ensemble. She is currently working on a new instrumental opera The Dark. She is President/Founder of the International Composition Competition “Artistes en Herbe” ("Budding Artists") under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture of Luxembourg. The first and the second edition of the competition took place in 2010 and in 2013 and was a resounding success. The follow-up event to the competition is the International Forum on Musical Pedagogy "Artistes en Herbe" 2013–2014, held in Luxembourg with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Fonds Culturel National and SACEM Luxembourg.
Award: Knight of The Order of Merit of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (l’Ordre de Mérite du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg).


Alessia Piermarini

(Roma, 22 Giugno 1975), cantante, pianista, compositrice. Inizia cantando in cori gospel e gruppi blues. Partecipa ai seminari di “Umbria Jazz” e nel 2004 è vincitrice del “World Music Festival”. Fa parte del trio swing femminile “Boop Sisters” con il quale ha inciso due cd “Boop” nel 2003 e “Bibidi Bobidi Boop!” nel 2006. A Roma, si è esibita alla “Casa del Jazz”, al “Micca Club” e all‟ “Alexanderplatz”. Insegna nelle scuole di Roma “Neuma” e “Ladybird Project”, e gestisce un laboratorio vocale improntato sullo sviluppo della musicalità e della conoscenza della musica afroamericana. Dal 1992 ha scritto oltre un centinaio di brani originali, influenzata dalla passione per il soul, per il jazz e per le ritmiche hip hop. Alcuni dei brani che più ritiene validi li ha registrati e presentati nel suo primo disco da solista autoprodotto, finito nell‟ottobre 2008: “What it‟s about”, “Mary”, “Cover my eyes”, “Why”, “Spell on me” e “Don‟t step on my flower” (insieme con De Gregorio).