Carme Fernández Vidal

(born in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, on 13th September 1970) composer and lecturer. She has higher degrees in Composition, Piano, Music Theory and Pedagogy. She holds a PhD from the University of Illes Balears. As a composer, she has received assignments from different institutions and from a large number of soloists and ensembles. Her works have been premiered and performed in important cycles and festivals. Some of them have been compiled in CD in Spain and America and have been published in Spain and Germany. She has published several books, articles and professional papers in magazines and publications related to universities. She teaches courses and lectures regularly at festivals, institutions and conservatories. By competitive examination, she is a Titular professor at the High Conservatory of Balearic Islands and has been Head of its Composition Department since the academic year 2006/07.
Recordings: CD Art Jove 2002. Unió Musics; CD 4 on 1. Josquin Records, 2006; CD Cinc Compositores Contemporànies. Ona Digital, 2002; CD Obres d'alumnes de composició. Unió Músics, 1999; CD Pes Forat des Moix. Unió Músics, 2006; 5 Compositores Contemporànies. Bunyola (Mallorca): Ona digital, 2002.
Select works: Assaig per a clarinet i piano, 1998; Assaig per a marimba i piano, 1998; Blau és l'enyor, 2001, s, pf; Caprici, 2001, pf 4 hand; Chopiniana, 2003, 5 pf; Cinc aromes (1. Andante- 2. Furioso- 3. Misterioso e delicatissimo- 4. Alla zingara aggiustamente- 5. Melancolico), 2002, vln, pf; Concertant per a marimba i flauta, 2004- 2005; Concerto per flauto e archi (1. Giocoso- 2. Grave- 3. Acerbo e agitato): con contrabasso solo obbligato, 2004; Dorm un angel, 2007, vibr; Esgarrit, 2002, fl, ob, cl b, fg, cor, cel, vlc, cb, perc; Evasió, 2001, s, pf.

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