Kateřina Zlatníková

Composer for the cymbalom has devoted most of her life to bringing cymbalom from the barn to the concert halls. She was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, and entered Prague Conservatory at the age of 16 to study guitar, recorder, cymbalom, and piano as a student of Albert Pek. She became a versatile interpreter of both old and new music. Cymbalom became her favorite instrument which she successfully brought to the concert stage both in an orchestral and chamber music setting. After moving from Prague to Stuttgart, Germany, in 1970, she was able to perform throughout the whole Europe. Over the years, she gave concerts in Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and Switzerland. Kateřina Zlatníková is also a teacher devoted to passing on her experience to the next generation of musicians. The suprizing varieties of sound and expression which Kateřina Zlatníková is able to produce with her cymbalom, inspired many contemporary composers to write music for this unusal instrument, many compositions dedicated to the performer. The number of these compositions today exceeds 70, most of them premiered to a great acclaim by Kateřína Zlatníková herself. She has been preparing a series of CDs featuring these new compositions, with three having been published so far (Cymbalom Music from Prague, Music for Cymbalom and Flute, and Concerti for Cymbalom and Orchestra). Kateřina Zlatníková is also a composer of music for cymbalom, and publisher of cymbalom sheet music. Kateřina Zlatníková is a founding member of the Cymbalom World Association. The CWA purpose is to promote all instruments of the hammered dulcimer family - cymbalom, dulcimer, hackbrett, salterio, santur, yang-quin, etc. She actively participated in all the meetings of the CWA since 1995 which took place in Pécs (Hungary), Valašské Meziříčí (Czech Rep.), Bratislava (Slovakia), Lwiw (Ukraine), Apenzell (Switzerland). The 2005 event is planned for Beijing (China).