Mercedes Zavala Gironés

(born on 27th December 1963 in Madrid, Spain). Composer, pianist and teacher. She studied piano and composition at the Madrid Music Conservatory. She has been a pupil of Malcolm Singer pupil (Guildhall School teacher and headmaster of Yehudi Menuhin School at London), who was a main figure in her development as a composer. At the Madrid Conservatory she teaches analysis, harmony, counterpoint and composition and XXth century music. She has done research on African music, travelling to Senegal in 1996 to study percussion with professor N'Diaye. In 1997 she graduated in Philosophy, studying after a postgraduate related to Aesthetics. Since 2002 she has belonged to the Instituto de Investigaciones Feministas, at Complutense University in Madrid (Institute for Feminist Research), being active in diffusion of Women's Music. From 2007 to 2010 she was in charge of the Spanish Women in Music Society.
Selected Works (2013): El arpa y la sombra, arp; La Reynaldo, 2 cemb; None of us, contralto o mezzo, cl, pf; None of us, bar, cl, pf; Exilia-dos, cl sib, trb; Exilio 2 para oboe (Tantos pies y tan poco camino).
Selected Recordings: Miranda (1991) in Giochi e Riflessi del '900, L'infanza en Musica, CD by Antonietta Loffredo, piano, in Phoenix Music PH 08137 Austria 2008; El hilo y la trama (1999), for flute orchestra, CD by et Nederlands Fluitorkest/Jorge Caryevschi; La Apoteosis nocturna de Andoar (CD). INJUVE (Instituto de la Juventud), 2001; Remanso (2008), for string orchestra (CD) in Classic World Sound 2010.

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