Rachel Yatzkan

(born in 1968, resident in Czech Republic ) composer. Raised in Jerusalem with parents with roots in, respectively. Persia and Bulgaria, it is hardly surprising that in Rachel Yatzkans music is an undercurrent of Southeast European and Middle Eastern folk music. An echo of the Persian Nay flute tradition appears in the work Ama mi (2000) for recorder quartet, and Rachel Yatzkans way to use the singing voice is often closer to a popular tradition than European art song, particularly heard in the works Rat (1998) for soprano and baritone and Mequri (2002) for mezzo soprano, flute, saxophone and bass marimba. After studying in Jerusalem (improvisation, saxophone, compositional experimentation, working with theater music) she moved to Holland (1996-2001) and met here through her composition studies at the Hague, a systematic introduction to contemporary compositional techniques.
Selected works: Ama mi, 2000; Rat, 1998; Mequri, 2002.

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