Manon-Liu Winter

(born in Austria, resident in Vienna)  performer, improviser and composer. She studied piano performance at the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts. Her master’s thesis was about “Amarchy in der Kunst am Beispiel John Cage” (Anarchy in Art as Exhibited by John Cage), and received her “Habilitation” (post doctoral degree) in piano in 2002. She is an instructor at the Vienna Days of Contemporary Piano Music as well as the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. She has given numerous concerts all across Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Her compositions  are mostly for piano with added electronics such as Trains (for the turning Sound Festival in Warsaw and Player Piano Konfrontationen Nickelsdorf, 2006) and Here We go (for the Nownow Festival in Sidney, 2007), or it arose from collaborative efforts with improvising musicians.
Discography: Brospa with Franz Hautzinger (CD, Grob 2003); Solo Klavier, works by Ustvolskaya and Earl Brown (Cd, ein_ klang_records 2006); Soundfishing, piano and electronics with Klaus Hollinetz (Cd, ein_ klang_records 2006).

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