Ingrid Wild

(born in 1962, Schramberg, Germany, resident in Königsfeld Weiler, Germany), composer. Wild has attended courses in theater, performance art, clowning, bodywork and dance. She trained at THE Latin Percussions School in Munich and later founded the women’s percussion with Raizes do Brazil (Dudu Tucci). Wild has founded the samba formations sodosamba, mehrdruck, succo di samba, mais uma and mais uma muhler. She has also attended the Pentaton Percussion School, as well as taken study trips to Cuba and Brazil. She attempts to integrate “exotic”Brazilian /Cuban characteristics into the Tirolean using crossover techniques with Tirolean dialect–texts, as well as into other musical styles (such as jazz and blues ). In doing so, she also attempts to create her own identity (feminist and Tirolean) see above all the project alte bekannte, her short film (“Herlinde Unterweger”), songs (with percussion, voice, accordion and guitar ) and to find her own expressivity. Wild continued her jazz voice training with Luzia Müller (Tirol), Romy Camerun and Ines Reiger. She does performance art with the women’s group coop-fem-art, which is especially often based on works of literature.
Ensemble: mais uma –samba& mehr, alte bekannte,
Selected Works: mais uma –samba & mehr (CD, Mu 001-02, 2002), CD for the book: Barbara Hundegger, kein schluss bleibt auf der andern – nutte none lesbe- drei mal raten zählen bis drei (Barbara  Hundegger, not shot remains unturned – whore nur lesbian- three guesses, count to threel, skarabäus – verlag ; core (2004), Karamellen töten nicht, mais uma- samba & mehr (CD, MU 002-08, 2008)