Christine Webster

(born in 1962 in Karlsruhe Germany, resident in Paris) composer. She studied at the Conservatoire Edgar Varèse Gennevillier Electro-Acoustic Music (Jean Schwartz), she gained a Master Degree at the SATIS University of Aix-Marseille - Ingénierie de la création sonore pour le film, la vidéo et le multi-media. She is an artist researcher in En-ER Ensad's research program (sound in virtual 3D and digital shared environments).She is Lauréat France Musique Concours Jules Verne. "Nemo et Stilla" - 2005. Sons de plateaux#1 - Duo with Jean-Marc Montera at Montevideo Marseille - April 2006. Human Atopic Space exposition "Away from Keyboard" Grand Duché du Luxembourg - "Limbic" Topological interactive sound installation in virtual 3D environment 2011. She has performed at Ciné Concert - Festival Bellevilloise 2008 - Chute de la maison Usher-2009. Horlusfestival#1 Fukushima Days 28' EA composition. June 2012.
Selected works: Wild Orion - Digital album 2005; Smashed Oysters - Placard Headphone Festival #9 - 2006
Sputniki - Tapage Nocturne France Musique – 2006 ; Transgendered Sounds - Placard Headphone Festival #10 – 2007 ; Ushuu - Digital album 2008 ; IRE - Experimental short movie. Director Karen Guillorel. - Original Soundtrack. 2008 ; Usher – CD book - Éditions du point d'exclamation. 2009 ; Limbic - Topological interactive sound installation in virtual 3D environment. 2011; Le Chemin du Sternum - March 2012; Performed at Montevideo Uruguay; Fukushima Days music-video version 28' - 2013 -Horlusfestival#2

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