Jessica Winnberg

(born in Gothenburg, 1973, resident Gothenburg/Sweden), is a pedagogue, singer and composer. As a singer she performs her own music: bossanovas, jazz, songs and she performs in different constellations. She also works as a yoga pedagogue and has written music to use while exercising yoga.
Selected recordings: Siri Aka, 2007.

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Joanna Wozny

(born in 1973, in Zabre, Poland, resident in Graz), composer. She earned a master’s degree in philosophy, studying from 1992 to 1999 in Katowice, Poland. In 1996 she also commenced studies in composition and music theory at the University and performing Arts Graz with Gerd Kühr and Beat Furrer, from which she graduated with honours in 2003. During the 2002/03 academic year, she also received composing instruction from Younghi Pagh-Paan. Since 2007, all works by Joanna Wozny have been published by Edition Juliane Klein in Berlin. She lives as a freelance composer in Graz. She has written works commissioned by the Cultural Centre of the minorities in Graz, the ORF, the Munich Radio Orchestra, The Klangspuren Festival of contemporary Music in Schwaz, Vienna Mozart Year 2006, Warsaw Autumn and the Musikprotokoll concert series in Graz. Her compositions have been featured at numerous major festivals including Wien Modern, Musikprotokoll Graz, Ultraschall Festival Berlin, Warsaw Autumn and Forum Neuer Musik in Cologne. Ensembles performing her works have included the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Munich Radio Orchestra,Klangforum Wien, Ensemble Wiener Collage, PercussioNova, ensemble courage, PHACE, the  Ewcm and Cappella Nova Graz.
Selected works: Return for saxophone and ensemble (2006), Loses for Orchestra (2006), Kahles  Astwerk for voice, flute, violin and cello (2006).
Performances: at Klangspuren Schwaz (2005), Return, Warsaw Autumn, (2006), Loses, program at steirischer herbst (2006).
Awards: music career grant by the city of Graz (2001), Advancement Award for Music from the City of Graz in 2001, the Austrian State Scholarship of 2008, the Erste Bank Composing Commission of 2010 and the SKE publicity Award of 2010.

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Li Ying Wu

(born in Taipei, Taiwan, resident in Copenhagen), composer. She grew up in a family that loved classical music. She completed studies in 2003 with a MA in Fine Art from the National Taiwan Normal University. At this point in her post-graduate studies, she fell by accident on the Danish musical music world, including music by Ib Nørholm Nørgård, Niels Rosing- Schow and Pelle Gudmundsen- Holmgren. She studied composition at the Royal Danish Academy of Music by Bent Sørensen, Niels Rosing- Schow , Hans Abrahamsen, Einar Kanding and Hans Peter Stubbe Teglbjærg. In autumn 2010, she began a Master Education in electronic composition at DIEM in Århus. Li Ying's music is based on music's sound and how sound moves in the music.. During music sonorously chased surface, one often finds an often simple harmonic structure, and frequently based on such Chinese scale types. These characteristics contribute to Li Ying's works music musical character and strong personal touch. More generally , one could say almost philosophical level, contains the music thus an ideological dialectic that puts Asian and Western culture in a mutually perspective.
Selected works: Hylaves 2013/14, for 2 saxophonists and tape; Suse 2013/14, for amateur- ensemble and tape; Shadows, 2013, Double Concerto for sheng, accordion & sinfonietta; Amalgam 2012/13 for trombone, piano & contact microphone; Chiu for Clarinet, 2004, Cello and Piano; Jing Bian Yi Zih 2003; Flow, 2010, for 12 musicians & electronic; Vent, 2010 for accordion solo & electronics; Limbo-Between Humans 2011, Monodrama for 2 mezzo sopranos, sinfonietta, and electronic; Before the Veil, 2010 for sinfonietta.