Biggi Vinkeloe

(born 1956 in Germany, residence Sweden and California) is a jazz musician and composer. She plays alto saxophone and flute and has recorded more than 20 CD's, with mostly her own compositions, with European and American musicians. She studied jazz in France and Switzerland thanks to funds and grants.  She also studied at the University Lyon II, and graduated with a Master’s degree in French Literature in 1974, along with degrees in sociology and German. In 1996, she graduated with a degree in Music Therapy at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.  As music therapist, she has worked mostly with students in public schools. She has also co-founded a Rudolf Steiner School for autistic children and youth. In 1988 and 1989, she was part of the Workshop Orchestra of avant garde jazz legend and pianist Cecil Taylor in Berlin and at the Documenta Art Fair in Kassel. 1991 she relocated in Sweden, founded the Biggi Vinkeloe Trio with drummer Peeter Uuskyla. The trio recorded 6 CD's with different bass players. Vinkeloe has co-initiated many multimedia projects with visual artists, dancers, poets and musicians from around the world, such as; M.A.D. music, art, dance; United Nations; Over the Ocean; Echoes. Her work very often includes artists from different fields: She has recorded with heavy metal bassist Magnus Rosén and drummer Anders Johansson, worked with church organ player Karin Nelson and accordionist Marie Wärme, performed with Indian singer Sumathi Murthy and koto player Miya Masaoka; choreographers Gun Lund and Tommy Kitti; visual artists Jake Tilson, Andrew Cowie and Ebbe Pettersson. In 2011, she was invited by the German Goethe Institute to India for a project with students, Bangalore My Dear (field recordings, still and video pictures and live music). Since 2012, she has worked with Trio Fatal (Peeter Uuskyla on drums and François Lemonnier on trombone). In 2013, she initiated a project with very old music and very new music with Karin Nelson, François Lemonnier, mezzosoprano Maria Forsström and a young ladies choir.
Selected recordings: Suspension, CDB Trio, Rastascan Records; Elegans, Nuscope Records; Chaos Butterfly, Eld Records; Klang.Farbe.Melodie, 482 Records; Blue Rêve, Eld Records;  Magzhen, Slask Records; Imagine a Place, Heptagon Records; Slowdrags and Interludes, LJ-records;  Mr. Nefertiti, Canastero Records; Space Way Messenger,  Disques Futura et Marge
Awards: Award from the city Kungälv 1995, Bohuslandstinget 1997, Region of Västra Götaland 2005, Adlerbertska Foundation 2005, Grants for specific projects several years, mostly in Sweden.

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