Bojana Vunturišević

(born in Požarevac, Serbia, 6th March 1985), singer, keyboard player and songwriter. She graduated from the Faculty of Music Art in Belgrade and is famous as a singer of Belgrade pop group Svi na pod. Radio Studio B announced Svi na pod as the best Serbian band in 2009, and magazine Popboks chose one of their concerts as the best pop concert in Serbia in 2010. With other members of the band (P. Rudić, I. Mihajlović, I. Mirković, N. Zulfikarpašić, J.A. Kiswani, G. Milošević) she published album Prvi (2011), for which she composed songs Ljubavi, Ušće, Bez plana, Boogie Woogie etc. Svi na pod has performed around Serbia and in other countries of Eastern Europe.