Mariona Vila Blasco

(born in 1958 in Barcelona, Spain). Composer, singer and teacher. She studied music at the High Municipal Music Conservatory in Barcelona. In the field of composition, she has completed several works for diferent groups, and has also composed a great deal of pieces for children, for the movies, and the stage. As an actress, she has acted in many theatres across Catalonia in the operatic productions of E.O.B. and has participated as a soloist in several vocal groups. She has carried out an intense teaching activity in piano and chamber music at various centers throughout Barcelona. Since 1989 she has been the director of the Palau Music School in Barcelona. She has earned several prizes and recognitions for composition and has recorded and published several works for voice and instrumentation, and a large number of educational material, such as special-issue articles in music magazines.
Selected Works: Cançó de les sirenes, 2004, voice, string orchestra, pf, perc; Cançó del lladre, 1984, choir (voices- bi), fl, vl, vlc, pf; Episodi, 1996, s, string orchestra; Estellessianes (1. M'agraden molt les albergínies- 2. Professió de vell roder- 3. Amagatalls florits- 4. Diàleg domestic- 5. Per un forat...- 6. Canta l'assassí- 7. Si estic mort no em despertes- 8. Anem anant), 1996, choir (voices- bi); Frivolitée, 1999, pic, fl, fl Sol, fl b; El Gat amb botes: cuento musical, 2005, 3 voices, ob, cl, pf, reciter; Introducció, tango i final, 1988, fl, cl, ob, cor, fg; Marina, 2006, vib, pf, perc; El Mariner, voice, tring orchestra, pf, perc
Selected recordings: 5 Compositores Contemporànies. Bunyola (Mallorca): Ona digital, 2002.

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