Carmen Verdú

Was born in Alcoy in 1962. She studied composition with Javier Darias in ECCA, attending specialized courses with Joan Guinjoan, Cristobal Halffter, Tomás Marco, Tristan Murail and Luis de Pablo. She composed the first piece specifically to be perceived by hard hearing people, through sensors in the Professor Guberina Verbotonal system with the Galicia Symphonic Orchestra. She has been part of composition juries participating in different festivals round tables, and giving lectures. Her musical scores have been published by EMEC (Madrid), their poetry, visual and conceptual works have been published in "Una Carta a David Tudor" by J. Darias (Ed. Musicinco, Madrid), "Homenaje a A. Cosmos" (Cultural Centre, Alcoi), and "Oh! Cage" (Ed.Arrayán,Sevilla).