Leontina Vukomanović Pat

(Poţarevac, 13th November, 1970), pop singer, composer and songwriter. After initial studies in Poţarevac, and at the Josip Slavenski Music High School in Belgrade, she entered the department of music pedagogy in the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. Her professional career as a musician began in 1986, when she published her first compositions. As a composer and songwriter she achieved popular success in the national competition for the Eurovision song contests in 1991 and 1992 and at the MESAM and Beogradesko Proleće Festivals. In 1992 she began to write for children, children’s festivals and television and in 1996 released her album Nemiri winning first prize in the Sunčane Skale Festival. All her successive projects have achieved acclaim, winning first prizes in all the major national festivals. She also represented Serbia at the Eurovision song contest in Istanbul in 2004 with Lane moje (she wrote the lyrics). Her songs are performed by the leading regional performers: Toše Proeski, Ţeljko Joksimović, Marija Šerifović, Bojan Marović, Boris Rezak, Ognjan Radivojević and others. As a singer, composer and song-writer she has published four albums: Nemiri (1996), Ljubav bez ljubavi (1998), Sledeća (2001), i Platinum collection (2010), and three albums for children, Leontina za decu (1998), Leontina i Ivana - pesme za decu (2007), i Najveći hitovi hora Čarolija (2009). Since 2006, she is vice president of the SOKOJ (National Copyrights Agency) and since 2009 a member of the board of the Belgrade Jazz Festival.