Biljana Vasiljević-Drašković

(Jagodina, 4th August, 1955), composer and theoretician teaching harmony, counterpoint and composition in the Mokranjać Music School in Belgrade has a special interest in the exploration of musical harmony and its application in the compositional process. She studied piano, trombone and composition with Mirjana Šistek, and composition with Enriko Josif at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. There are two phases in her compositional output: the first encompasses works created under the strong influence of Arnold Schoenberg and the Second Viennese School, based on the principles of serial music while in the second she switches series with melodies drawn from the folk singing that she heard at an early age. Her compositions have been performed in Belgrade – Musica Viva, 1987, Second memorial Emil Hajek, 1990, Serbian music for harpsichord, 1996, USA (Piano Music, New York, 1991, Israel Kol HaMusika, Jerusalem, 1998) and in England (Ritual Dance in Harpsichord Music, 2001). Her works include Furioso, for piano (1976), Variations, for two pianos (1977), Adagio, for strings (1978), Pokreti (Movements), for string quintet (1979), Milosti (Mercy), for mixed choir and symphony orchestra (1982-1986), Balada, for voice and flutes (1987), Vaskrsenje, for solo instruments (strings and voice) (1990), Milosti, for chamber ensemble (1991), Prevrnuta kolevka, for string instrument (2001), Žene u crnom, for electric guitar (1997-2007).