Liis Viira

(born in 1983 in Estonia) composer, harpist and improviser. In 2009 she graduated with a MA in harp performance, under Eda Peäske, from the Estonian Academy of Theatre and Music. At same time, she furthered her training in composition with Helena Tulve and studied electronic music with the Margo Kõlar. She has studied improvisation with Taavi Kerikmäe and Anto Pett. She performs improvised music on a regular basis. In addition to Estonia, Liis Viira's works have been performed in Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Denmark, Italy and Austria. She has performed her compositions herself on harp and piano. At present Liis Viira is a freelance composer. She plays harp with the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra and is a member of the new music ensemble Una Corda (harp, kannel and harpsichord). From autumn 2012 she will be studied at Estonian Academy of Arts animation department to go further with her interest of developing musical and visual compositions together. She has written different works: Pendulum, Chaco is "little brother" from piece Chaconne with 50 variations from ensemble and Stella Maris Upon the Sea, dedicated to Kristi Mühling
Selected works: Pendulum; Chaco; Stella Maris Upon the Sea

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