Alexia Vassilou

(born in 1964, in Farmagusta, Cyprus), composer. She participated as a member of the group "Island" with the song Monica, composed by Doros Georgiadis and Stavros Sideras. In 1987 she represented Cyprus in the Eurovision song contest for the second time with the song "Aspro-Masvro", composed by Antros and Maria Papapavlou. During her sophomore year, she was chosen by CBS New York to record the theme song for the album "I am Siam". Alexia studied for four years at Berklee College of Music in Boston Massachusetts, USA, from where she graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Performance. After her graduation from Berklee College in Music in 1984, she moved to New York where she performed for several years and gradually became the lead singer of four different Jazz and Fusion bands. Axiom was one of them. From the late 1980s and throughout the 1990s she has recorded over 20 albums most of which became gold and platinum. In 1997, "Farmagusta" was released, an album consisting of narrated poetry and songs, written by the former Minister of Education and Culture of Cyprus Mrs. Claire Angelides composed by Cypriot composer Marios Meletiou and orchestrated by Rafael Pilarinos. This work was an ode to the town of Farmagusta, Cyprus, which has been under the Turkish occupation since 1974. The following year, her Mikis Theodorakis was released, a double album with new approaches to twenty with new approaches to twenty six of Mikis Thoedrakis' compositions (settings of poems by Greek poets including Nobel Prize winners Odysseas Elytis and George Seferis). The album includes two duets, one with Mikis Theodorakis and one with Italian singer Milva. She sang two songs composed by Costas Cacoyannis for the film "Road to Ithaca", directed by director Costa Dimitriou (1999) and for "For safe and Sex" (1999), directed and written by Michael Reppas and Thanassis Papathanosious. In an effort to explore new ways of thinking and expression, she devoted part of her time to the study of creative writing with alternative Nobel Prize nominee and feminist activist Christiana Lambrinides. Through a series of workshops over a period of five years, she was able to obtain valuable knowledge on such diverse, yet interrelated, concepts that are directly related to creative expression and writing such as performativity, feminist studies and art.
Selected works: Aspro-Masvro; Farmagusta; Monica; Mikis Theodorakis.
Recordings: Re-Be; Birds have to Fly, Jazz album.