Lucie Vitkovà

(born in 1985 in Czech Republic), composer. She studied at the Brno Conservatory, where she graduated in accordion (with Miroslav Morys) and composition (with Pavel Novák Zemek). Since 2008 she has studied composition under Martin Smolka at Janáček Academy of Music in Brno (JAMU). At the Academy she attended to the improvisation class of Jaroslav Šťastný and now she is active in the field of improvised music as well. Parallel to her study of music she teaches tap dance at the Faculty of Theatre of JAMU. She was a resident of Ostrava Days 2009-2011 and also took lessons with the following lectors: Mark Bobak, Zsolt Nagy, Fabián Panisello, Rod Paton, David Rosenboom, Christopher Williams, and Walter Zimmermann.
Selected works: Proposal for Altering of the Score, a Visually – acoustic interpretation in collaboration with the photographer Jolana Havelková, 2013.