María Villalón Sánchez

(born in 1989 in Ronda, Málaga, Spain). Singer and songwriter. She studied cello at the music conservatory. In 2006 she took part in Bienvenidos on Canal Sur and in selection rounds of Operación Triunfo where she reached the top 90 of the Spanish singing competition. Maria participateded in the musical reality show X-Factor. After she won, her album was Te espero aquí by Sony BMG, although she had two pre-X Factor albums through a small Andalusian record label. Subsequently, she has recorded two albums: Los tejados donde fuimos más que amigos (2009) and de María en Factor X, 2007; Te espero aquí 2008; Los tejados donde fuimos más que amigos, 2009; Historias de una cantonta 2012.
Selected works (Albums): Entre sueños, 2000; Rompe, 2002; Las mejores canciones de María en Factor X, 2007; Te espero aquí 2008; Los tejados donde fuimos más que amigos, 2009; Historias de una cantonta, 2012
Awards: Winner of the first edition of X Factor talent show in Spain in 2007


Marina Valmaggi

Marina Valmaggi (1/08/1945, Rimini, Italy), musicologist and composer, has worked with many famous directors, actors and conductors (Orazio Costa Giovangigli, actor Giorgio Albertazzi, jazz player Enrico Intra) for important Theatre and Television productions. In 1976 she created for the Italian Television RAI 3 the piece "Elegia a Venezia", that is the leit-motiv of a marvellous film-documentary dedicated to Venice. Finalist in the first Italian competition for singer songwriters (1982) with the refined song "Itinerario", her compositions and creations have been published and played in many parts of the world, and have also been transmitted by Rai Uno, Rai Tre and many radio stations in Italy and abroad (Sao Paolo do Brazil, Lugano, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, Taipei, Buenos Aires).

Marina Vesić

(Kruševac, 11th April, 1982), won a first place at the International Competition of Young Composers in Belgrade 1997 and attended the masterclasses organised by EPTA (European Music Teachers Association) in 2002. She is currently completing master courses in composition and Orchestration under the guidance of Tatanja Milošević in the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. In 2006, the Cultural Centre of Kruševac commissioned her to write a new work for the opening of the Vidovdanske Svečanosti Festival: Šetnja kroz vekove. In 2009, she finished her studies in music production and sound engineering with Đorđe Petrović and has written sacred music premiered in the Festival of Spiritual Music in Belgrade: The Prayer, for solo soprano and Transfiguration, for mixed choir. She also works with painter Christine Fausten and has composed music for some of her exhibitions in Switzerland. She was a member of the hardcore punk band Scarps playing keyboards and is a founder of the band Dirty Flowers and the duo Hedija, as well as performing in Music for piano & drums with Dejan Nikolić. She has written many songs, contemporary classical compositions, music for the theatre and for installations.