Giulia Valle

(born in 1972 in Sanremo, Italy, resident in Barcelona). Bass player and composer, she began studying piano at the age of 8 in Barcelona and later continued studying electric bass and double bass at the Barcelona Conservatory and Taller de musics with teachers like Enric Ponsa, or Mario Rossy. She received various grants from the Catalan gouvernment and the Italian cultural department to attend the XIX edition of Siena International Jazz Seminar, and to travel to N.Y.C. and Paris. She has worked with many reknown musicians from the national and international scene, such as: John Mc.Neal, Jason Lindner, Bill Mc.Henry, Perico Sambeat, Carme Canela. Also worked in the music production of Catalan theatre companies. She has taught in the "Alois Haba" school of Music (Bcn), at the Igualada Conservatory and works as a stable rythm section for the jazz ensembles at the E.S.M.U.C (Escola Superior de Musica de Catalunya).
Selected recordings: As a leader: 2004 – "Colorista" (Fresh Sound records), amb Giulia valle Group; 2007 – "Danza Imprevista" (F.S. Records), amb Giulia Valle Group; 2008 – "Enchanted House" (F.S Records), amb Giulia valle Trio (Jason Lindner i Marc Ayza); 2010 – "Berenice" (F.S records), amb Giulia Valle Group; 2012 – "Live" (F.S records), amb Giulia Valle group. As a Co-Leader: 2001 – "Micamale" (F.S records), with Dani Perez and Benet Palet; 2001 – "1,2,3 etc" (F.S records), with Jason lindne and Marc Ayza; 2003 – "This way Out" (Omnitone Records), with John McNeil; 2003 – "Happy" (FS records), with Bill McHenry and Joe Smith; 2008 – "We sing Bill Evans" (F.S records), with Joan Diaz and Silvia Perez.


Gloria Villanueva Sánchez

(born in Barcelona, Spain, on 2nd August 1953). Guitarist, composer and teacher. She began studying music theory and piano when she was nine years old; three years later began guitar studies with Natalia Demidoff. Later she attained the High Degree of this instrument with Jaume Torrent at the Liceu Conservatory, where she also obtained the Elementary Level in piano. BA in Psychology at the Barcelona University in 1976. That year she began her work as a psychotherapist, together with several postgraduate courses, in the Clinical Child Psychology specialty and in the music field, as well as music teaching and composition. In 1988 she was hired by the Catalonia Territorial Delegation ONCE specialized in teaching music to blind people. She has elaborated various methods for learning guitar as well as works for solo guitar or chamber music groups and symphonic works. Most of them are published by La mà de Guido.
Selected Recordings: 30 estudios para guitarra. Sabadell: Ars Harmonica, 2001; L'Almanac; Égloga.
Selected Works: 5 piezas para piano (1. Preludio- 2. Vals- 3. Habanera- 4. Ostinato- 5. Slow rag), pf; Atelier (1. Allegro alla misura- 2. Lento cantabile- 3. Allegro agitato- 4. Andante espressivo- 5. Andantino- 6. Moderato assai- 7. L'istesso tempo): Suite orquestal; L'Aventura (Sensation), s, chi; Concert en Sol menor (1. Moderato cantabile- 2. Larghetto espressivo- 3. Allegro vivace), chi, string orchestra; Rapsodia sinfónica; Souvenir de Göreme, 3 chi; Suite en Sol Major, vl (fl), chi.

Jana Vöröšová

(born in 1980 in Czech Republic), composer. She started studying composition at the Prague Conservatoire, then continued her studies at the Music Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. She spent a year at Koninklijk Conservatoire in Brussels, where she became acquainted with the latest technologies of electronic sound processing and various analytic methods. She participated at workshops of world-renowned composers and regularly had classes with eminent Belgian professors. She spent three months in residence at IRCAM in Paris. She collaborates with other artists not only within music but also in dance, film literature and theatre. She is a member of Prague Cathedral Choir that concentrates on music of rennaisance and baroque. Her compositions were performed at various festivals – Orfeo (SR), Prague Premieres (CR), Festival Citta di Castello (IT) or Festival Calliopé (FR).
Selected works: The Raven and the Sea accordion, harpsichord and string orchestra, 2009; Cejka, for violin and piano, 2008 ; V.E.M. Suite for 3 Violins, 2008; Qu'est ce que le temps est quand le Present? for oboe, viola, and piano, 2008; Tri forehead yesterday for 3 Cellos, 2007; Gulliver's Travels for reciter and chamber orchestra, 2006.