Lisa Ullén

(born in Denmark) composer. After graduating from the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm, and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Usa, Lisa Ullèn pianist and band leader worked in a wide variety of musical settings before concentrating on improvisation and work with many different projects. She is an active board member of Fylkingen.
Selected works: Lisa Ullén-Nina de Heney duo feat Mariam Wallentin 2013; Lisa Ullén-Nina de Heney duo feat. Okkyung Lee,2013, released on Lj records; Lissboa w. Creative Source, 2012, Ernesto Rodrigues viola, Guilherme Rodrigues cello, Lisa Ullén piano; D'incise electronics, Cyril Bondi percussion, Catachresis solo CD Piano 2011; Swedish Jazz/w Nina de Heney 2010; Idontul/collab w. Atttila Dora Magyar Muhely Publisher 2010; LUDL/ w David Linnros Disorde, 2009; Behind and Beyond, 2009 Carve/duo w .Niina de Heney Lj records; Revolution Rock /Lisa Ullén Quartet Disorder 2009; Big Bang Lisa Ullén Quartet, 2006
Awards: She has received a number of grants from the Royal Academy of Music, the Arts Grants

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