Eva Ugalde

(born in 1973 in San Sebastián, Guipúzcoa, Spain), singer, and composer. She studied Musical Composition and Choir Direction with Gotzon Aulestia and Miguel Amantegi respectively. She teaches musical language in the Professional Music Conservatory of San Sebastián Francisco Escudero and Hearing Education at the Higher School of Music of the Basque Country Musikene. Her work is principally centred on choral music and she has written several pieces for female voice choirs one of the most outstanding of which is Tximeletak (Butterflies) written to the words of the Basque author Bernardo Atxaga (National Prize for Literature 1988) it premiered at the 60th San Sebastian Musical Fortnight in August 1999 as part of the season "Music of the 20th Century". She is a member of the female voice choir "Kanta Cantemus Coroa" conducted by Javier Busto.
Although her music is principally tonal, the influence of the harmonics of jazz and the rhythm of New Age are also notably present.
Selected Works: Annabel Lee, 2002, choir (3 voices: s,s,a), pf; Ave María, 1998, choir (3 voices: s,s,a); Ave Maris Stella, choir (4 voices: s,s, a,a); Hitz Jolasak, 2002, choir (2 voices: s,a) ; Iratxoa, 2001, choir (3 voices: s,s,a), pf; Iratxoa, 2003, choir, symphony orchestra; Neguan, choir (4 voices: s,s,a,a); Pinda Vara, choir (voices- bi); Tres canciones para niños (1. Kukú Ué (sur)- 2. Sakura (Este)- 3. Cubanita (oeste), choir (2 voices- bi), pf, bongos; Tximeletak= Mariposas, 1999, choir (3 voices: s, s, a), pf.

Fulya Uçanok

Pianist, and composer, was born in Ankara, Turkey, 1984. She has graduated from Hacettepe University Ankara State The conservatory with degree and has studied piano, chamber music, and fine arts in Antwerp Royal conservatory for one year. She had her M.A. in Istanbul Technical University Advanced Studies in Music (MIAM) on Performance/Piano and wrote her thesis on human creativity and it’s relation to existential meaning. She began to compose contemporary acoustic and electronic music, in the meantime she formed the indie electronica band Puik’s Journey with Emre Nişancı. She developed an interest in interdisciplinary art studies and began working with dancers and visual artists. 2010 she participated in Feldstaerke İnternational. Pursuing her composition studies and giving concerts, she is currently working as a teaching assistant in İstanbul Bilgi University Music Department.

Isabel Urrutia Rasines

(born on 17th May 1967 in Algorta, Bizacaia, Spain). Composer and teacher. She studied composition, piano and music pedagogy at Bilbao and Madrid Music Conservatories. She is professor of harmony, analysis, counterpoint and composition at the "John Antxieta" Music Center in Bilbao. She taught harmony, analysis and fundamentals of composition at the Bilbao Music Conservatory. She is currently professor of instrumentation and orchestration, composition techniques, counterpoint and harmonic-contrapuntal practice in MUSIKENE (Basque High Music School). She has lectured and conducted master-classes at various universities and music conservatories in Europe and America. In 2007 she won the composition contest organized by the AEOS, Spanish Association of Symphony Orchestras, with her Gerok for orchestra.
Selected recordings: Dharma, 2008, fl/pic/fl Sol, cl Sib/cl b, vl, vlc, pf; Gerok, 2007, symphony orchestra; Gorabeherak II, 1998, cl b; Har- Eman: version para saxofón bajo, violoncello y vibráfono, 2005; Irati, 2000, 2 vl, vla, vlc; Un jour ou l'autre, 2004, cor, pf; Kulunka, 1999, sax (t/s); Mandala, 2005, perc, sound objects; Mandalaren Baitan, 2008, perc; Nahas- Mahas, 2003, sax a/sax bar, fis, perc

Contact: www.isabelurrutia.es