Tini Trampler

(born in Mexico City, resident in Vienna),  actor /stage director/ singer/ song writer. She graduated from the Ron East School of Physical Theatre in Canada. Her works comprise a broad spectrum: stage productions, moderation, acting and clown performances, and the conception and founding of the organization “madm’s factory, with which she is currently conceiving a vaudeville show with the goal of staging various artistic genres in their diversity. In 2005 she founded the band “Die Dreckige Combo”and developed her own musical concept for writing new songs.
Discography: Der Vogel, Tini Trampler & Die Dreckige Combo (CD Extraplatte).
Performances: Dreigroschenoper, Brecht /Weil, direction member of the “aktionstheater ensemble”(M. Gruber/ M.Ojster); Urt, Staudinger: Acting, vocals, lieder; Cenci, Artaud: Vocals, performance; Platzen Plötzlich, Gerhard Jonke: composition, text, vocals. 

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | www.dreckigecombo.at