Nataša Tomić

(born in Ruma, Serbia, 20th century), singer and songwriter. She founded the ethno-pop band Vrelo in Ruma in 1999. For the first four years Vrelo explored, studied and performed Serbian folklore material, but since 2003 they combine traditional music with other modern music and stage forms. Lyrics of songs are based on the motifs of folk music of Serbs and other Slavic people from Xll to XlX century. Nataša Tomić and other members of Vrelo worked with director Emir Kusturica in two projects: soundtrack for the film “Life is a Miracle” (2003) and punk opera “Time of the Gypsies” (2007). After entering BBC`s The Next Big Thing 2007 Vrelo was chosen among over 2500 performers from 88 countries to play in London at Maida Vale studio and won 2nd place of this prestigeous competition. The first album of Vrelo was published in 2008 by PGP RTS.