Biljana Tomić

(Ćuprija, 25th March,1980), finished her music studies at the Mokranjać Music High School in Požarevac and graduated from the department of composition and orchestration in the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, with Milan Mihajlović. Stylistically, her works are anchored to neo-expressionism and neoclassicism and she has written for string quartet, voice and small chamber orchestra, as well as for voice and symphony orchestra. She presented her works at the KoMA Festival in Belgrade. Biljana Tomić teaches music theory and composition in the Stanković Music School in Belgrade and was one of the creators and organizers of a concert that included pop, rock and classical musical works created by the students of the department of composition in the school. Her works include: Kraj beskraja, for voice, bass clarinet, flute and piano (2003), U zimski sumrak (1999), u Smaragdne pesme, for mezzo soprano and symphony orchestra (2006) and choral work, Čisto mi srce (2001).