Tina Ternes

She was born on 15th August 1969 in Kaiserslautern (Germany). At the age of five she started to take piano-lessons. At the age of 15 she also took up studying double bass and received regular instructions in music theory at the music school at Kaiserslautern. From 1988-1992 she studied school music and history in Mainz and from 1992-1994 film-music at the Wiesbaden Music Academy. She worked as a musician, composer and music teacher, among others in Munich, Ludwigshafen and Paris. Her compositional approach is basically dedicated to tonality. But she also is fond of undergoing experiments with non-European music. Since 2002 a strong influence by the American periodical music can be made out. Tina Ternes wrote orchestral and choral works, chamber music, musicals, stage music, one film music and an orchestration of 'Lalai' by Barbara Heller (Schott-Verlag Mainz). Some pieces of Tina Ternes are edited by Furore Verlag Kassel, mkVerlag Heidelberg, kom Verlag Munich and 'Ries und Erler' Berlin. Since 2007 Tina Ternes lives and works in Paris. 2009 she won the second prize of the Crossover-Composition-Award Mannheim with her piece 'Windspiel' for two violins.