Anna Luana Tallarita

(8/3/1979, Oppido Milano, Italy) Jazz singer, composer, anthropologist, and creative artist working in different forms to express a colored complex intercultural reality. Has published Cds, videos, traveled, sung and worked throughout Europe and South America and lives between Lisbon and Milan, where she has worked with great Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian and American artists. In 1999 she studied at the “Centro Europeo Divisione Spettacolo Musica e Cultura directed by Mogo and also studied at the “Giovan Battista Martini Conservatory in Bologna with Maria Pia de Vito.  She also followed the Jazz Course at the Nicolò Paganini Conservatory in Genova. She received grants from Siena jazz to travel, research and study in Europe, Cuba, Argentina and Brazil. Among her publications: LOOKING EVANS, ANNA LUANA TALLARITA SINGS BUARQUE and SHORTER Songs. Bossanova, samba, fado, tango and American songs reveal her strong vocal qualities and impeccable technique. She has given lectures in Italy, Switzerland end Portugal and organized pictorial and photographic exhibits in Paris, Madrid, Brussels, Miami, New York, Japan and Lisbon. In 2012 she is preparing a fourth CD with the Lawrence Tucci trio Roma.