Ana Torroja

(born in 1959 in Madrid, Spain). Singer and songwriter. She is the lead singer of the Mecano pop trio. After seven Mecano albums and huge success in Europe and Latin America, the continuous touring began taking its toll on the band. By 1997, Ana felt confident enough to sing again and moved to London to record her first solo album, Puntos Cardinales (Cardinal points). Ana's biggest solo success came in 1999 with her album, Pasajes de un Sueño (Passages of a dream). In 2001, Ana recorded the album Ana Torroja. In 2003 she published her third album Frágil"(Fragile). For the album, she appeared solo on stage for the first time, in a brief tour across America and Europe called the Gira Frágil (Fragile Tour). In 2006, Ana released a new studio album entitled Me Cuesta Tanto Olvidarte, produced by Syntek. In 2008, Ana decided to work with Schiller, singing Por qué te vas, which went to Number One in the Sehnsucht album charts in Germany. In October 2010 Ana released Sonrisa (Smile), her fifth original studio album in Spanish. The album was produced by the Venezuelan Andrés Levin, who also produced her second album.
Selected recordings: Puntos cardinales" 1997; Points Cardinaux 1997; Pasajes de un sueño 1999; "Girados en concierto - a collaboration with Miguel Bosé 2000; Ana Torroja 2001; Frágil" (2003; Esencial 2004; Me Cuesta Tanto Olvidarte 2006); Sonrisa Smile - 2010