Mercè Torrents Turmó

(born on 12th February 1930 in Barcelona, Spain). Pianist, singer and composer. She studied piano at the Liceo Music Conservatory with Mr. Pere Vallribera. She is Self-taught in composition under the Guidelines of Mr. Cristòfor Taltabull. She writes for piano, instrumental group, orchestra, trio, cobla (typical Catalan orchestra) and choral music. She has written songs with lyrics from well-known Catalan poets, like J. Carner, S. Espriu, Pere Quart, J.V. Foix and Miquel Martí Pol. She has played her music in many recitals. Since 1988 she is a member of the Catalan Composers Association. Her works have been played in all the events promoted by this Association and other Musical Corporations.
Selected Recordings: Avuimusica: pianos E fortes, 2004: "Evocació a Mossén Cinto Verdaguer" and "Preludiant sobre les ones del mar"; Estimats poetes: "cants de l'esperit", 1995; Ombra de foc, 1988; Ramats d'estrelles, 1986.
Selected Works: A Valencia festa: [ballet], 1986, cobla, pf; A Valencia festa: (3ª version), 2004, chi, camera orchestra; Cant d'amor, 2000, s/t, fl, cl, fg; Dansaines Trio: pensament pel poeta M. Martí i Pol, 2003, cl, ob, fg; Esquitxos: suite de dances (2ª versió), 1961, camera orchestra; Llibre de Sinera: Oratorio, 1999, symphony orchestra.