Aleksandra Stepanović

(born in Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia, 1975), composer. She completed formal studies of Music Composition at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, and postgraduate studies at the Music Academy in Cetinje, University of Montenegro, with a composition The Vibration of Eternity. In her creative work up to now Aleksandra has mainly turned towards great vocal-instrumental and orchestral forms, various ensembles in the field of chamber music as well as in the field of solo song. Her compositions have been performed at many concert and festivals in Serbia, and she has also presented her work via several multi-media projects (The Days of Dositej Obradović, The Days of Antić etc.) She has currently been employed by the Academy of Arts, The University of Novi Sad, as an Assistant professor of the subjects of Harmony and Counterpoint.
Selected works:  Eyes of the mind, a cantata;  Idyll for the string orchestra;  The tree of life, for string quartet; How to find a lost country, a suit for piano; A tree in the field, Black bird, The return of Jesus Christ, Lullaby, Gloomy singer, solo songs composed on the verses of a poet Pero Zubac