Silvia Statkova (Todorova)

(born in 1964, in Buhovo, region of Sofia, Bulgaria), composer, pedagogue and conductor. She graduated from the State Academy of Music in 1989 majoring in Composition under Professor Krum Maximov. She conducted mixed and children’s choirs. She taught piano and solfeggio. In 2000 she was appointed conductor of the mandolin orchestra at the cultural club Iskra in Sofia. She composed works for symphony orchestra; chamber works; choral songs and songs for children’s ensemble, etc. She took part in competitions for children’s song like the Sing with Us National  Competition. The song “Good hearted Sea” was awarded the prize of the Union of Bulgarian Composers at the Sweet-voiced Lark Competition in Burgas (2003). The recording companies Riva Sound and Mega Sofia released her children’s songs “Painter” and “A Letter to Grandma”.
Selected works: Symphony orchestra: Toccatina (1988); Symphony (1989); Chamber music: “Outplaying”- sonatina for viola and piano, 1988; ” Sunny tree” for baritone and piano, 1990; “Summer” for Baritone and piano, 1990; “Dance” for violin, 1990, “Pastorale” for flute and piano, 1992. Piano “ Mirror Toccata”, 1991, Choral Music: “Artist” for children ensemble, 1993; “The Nightingale” for mixed choir, 1994; “Blue Sky” for children choir, 1995; Letter to Grandmother” for children’s ensemble, 1995; Mummer’s Game for children choir, 1996; “Mother” for children choir, 1996, “Circus” for children’s choir, 1996.