Svetlana Spajić

(born in Loznica, Serbia, 19th August 1971), singer and composer. She has been researching and performing the ancient traditions of Serbian and Balkan a cappella singing and their unique vocal techniques and ornamentation since 1993. She has performed in several traditional groups, and has been leader of the group «Drina» since 1999. Apart from nurturing the traditional singing styles of the Serbian people, she also nurtures the traditional songs of other peoples from the Balkans. She performs both at home and abroad and has performed and worked with some of the greatest names of traditional music of the Balkans and the world. She has taken part in several albums: Drina «Live Water» (her own), Serbia: Sounds Global 1, 2 and 3, Extended Europe – Live from Vienna and others. The Svetlana Spajić Group is her new project with three young singers from Belgrade, where she is now based. They explore a wide range of songs and vocal styles, such as "cutting" singing from Bosnia, the "shaking" style of the mountain regions and the wildly oscillating harmonies of the groktalica style.