Andrea Sodomka

(born in 1961 in Vienna, resident in Vienna), composer. In 1982-89 she studied at the Academy of Applied Arts, Vienna. In 1984-87 studies at the Academy of Music, Vienna (institute for electroacoustics). In 1991-95 she was the President of the Society of electroacoustic music G.E.M. 1995-1997 curator for media Art at OK- center of contemporary art, Upper Austria, then she was member of the jury for Prix Ars Electronica 96. In 1997 curator of “Remote Sensations”, Ars Electronica 97. In 1999 lecturer on Sound Art in the 20th Century”, University of Vienna, in 2001 lectures on “radio art and radio drama”University of Music, Vienna. Since 2003 she is president of Fluss-no Fotoinitiative. Since 1996 member of the artist’s association Wiener Secession. She works in the fields of intermedia, installation, electronic music, net art, radio art, video an artistic photography.
Awards and scholarship: 2006 Award of the State of Lower Austria for Media Arts, 2005 Artist in residence at Umas, Durham, Ontario, Can; 1999 Award of the City of Vienna.