Simona Simonini

Simona Simonini (08/03/1943, Bologna, Italia) has studied pedagogic and music and obtained her diploma in piano and composition. Being awarded a scholarship from the European Council as well as the French ministry of education she was able to obtain a Masters degree. She has been working with Luigi Rognoni for lectures on “Philosophy of the music of ‘900” and has participated in a training for Cultural Managers organized by the region of Emilia Romagna and the European Union. Being at the head of the S.A.I UNIVERSITARIA di Alti Studi per la Filosofia e le Scienze della Musica she has held several master classes together with Lazar Berman and has participated at a festival for contemporary music. She has received the “Medaglia della Camera dei Deputati” as acknowledgement for her work in the field of musical research. Her compositions have been performed in Italy, several European countries, Russia and the USA.

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