Vera Stanojević

(Belgrade, 1965), completed studies at the Mokranjać Music High School in Belgrade, received her Bachelors and Masters degrees in composition from the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow, Russia and followed doctoral studies at the Ohio State University in Columbus with University and Presidential fellowships. She has won numerous awards for her compositions, including the 1983 Belgrade October Prize, and the (Yugoslav) State Society for Cultural Affairs grant for a work premiered in 1985. Her music has been performed in festivals and concerts in many countries, and recorded and broadcast on European and American radio and television. She was awarded two Ohio Arts Council Individual Artist Grants. In 1997, she won the Vienna Modern Masters Millennium Commissioning Competition which resulted in the commission, performance, publication, and CD recording of her Notturno, for orchestra and in the same year, an American Composers Forum Commissioning Project Grant. Her works include: Hommage à Emily, for soprano, viola and piano (2004), Voyage, for piano and computer-generated sound (2007), Begegnunge (2006), Beyond…Return?, for chamber orchestra (2006), Beyond, for flute and piano (2004), In Memoriam, for two percussionists and piano (2007), Dance: To the End of the Circle, for chamber orchestra (2002), Notturno, for large orchestra (1997), Awake!, for mixed chorus (1998) and Fantasy in Mor, for alto saxophone and piano (1997).