Ana Stanić

(Niš, 8th December, 1975), singer, songwriter, composer and film producer graduated from the Academy of Drama in Belgrade, department of film and TV production. In 1994, she was vocalist in the pop-dance duo Moby Dick recording three albums, which sold over three hundred thousand copies in Yugoslavia. For the duo she wrote some of her most popular songs, like Nostalgija and Nema nas više. In 1998, Ana Stanić left Moby Dick, and started a successful solo career. Her first solo appearance was in the Budva Festival when she performed Molila sam AnĎele, which she had written together with Ivana Pavlović. Her first album, Metar iznad asfalta and the biggest hit on the album, Grad, brought a new sound to the Serbian pop scene, often described as ―power pop”, due to the powerful and dominant sound of electric guitars. She has recorded six studio albums: Metar iznad asfalta (1998), Ana Stanić (1999), Vidim te kad (1999), Tri (2000), U ogledalu (2004) and Sudar (2008).