Aleksandra Slađana Milošević

(Belgrade, 3 rd October, 1956), singer, composer and guitar player was a new wave icon in the eighties. She displayed musical talent at a very early age, so her parents enrolled her in music school to study pianoforte and violin at the age of five. As a teenager she performed in school bands, in the theatre and won her first prize at the Students Summer Festival in Maglaj in 1974. In 1976 she performed in the Soviet Union and even recorded a single Mikado for Melodia. When she returned to Serbia, she released Au, au that instantly became a hit song followed by others like Simpatija, Seksi dama, Amsterdam, making her one of the most distinguished representatives of the new wave. In 1983 she left for Germany where she published an album with the group Neutral Design, and recorded a duet with Dado Topić, Princeza. At the end of the eighties she transferred to the USA, worked in the financial sector and today lives between Belgrade and Los Angeles. She also graduated in the theory of jazz and guitar from the Berkelee College of Music. In recent years she has been especially active in promoting intellectual property rights within the Ars et Norma organisation. Her albums include: Mikado (1976), Au, au (1977), Baby (1978), Sexy lady (1978), Amsterdam (1979), Recept za ljubav (1981), Neutral design (1983), Samsara (1984), Princeza (1984), Fantastično putovanje (1985), Harmony (1998), Animal tested (2000), Metamorfoza compilation (2002), Fantastično putovanje CD+DVD (2008).