Svetlana Savić

(Belgrade, 23rd January, 1971), composer and assistant in the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, obtained adegree and finished post-graduate studies in the same faculty with Srđan Hofman and Zoran Erić. While still a student her works were presented in the International Review of Composers in Belgrade; Klinički kvartet, Sirota tužna Don Huanova kći, Totemi, Pesme o zvezdama and Re-verzije (2004). Re-versions was commissioned by the BEMUS festival in 2004, while the D-versions was commissioned by the Viennese festival Elektronische Fruhlings in 2005. Pianist Neda Hofman and violoncellist Srđan Sretenović performed Pogled na predeo slikan čajem in Namibia and in South Africa. Svetlana Savić also writes for the theatre and often performs her own works. She has written articles on contemporary Serbian music and regularly participates in scholarly debates. Her works encompass symphonic, vocal, instrumental pieces, electronic music and composition for solo instruments. Amongst her better known works are Pogled na predeo slikan čajem, Quincunx, (Un)finished sympathy and Samarkand blues (2007).