Anica Sabo

Anica Sabo (Belgrade, 3rd October, 1954), studied composition in the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, where she graduated and completed post-graduate studies with Stanojlo Raji i  and Sr#an Hofman and, where, for two years, she also studied bassoon. In 2007 she completed Ph.D studies at the University in Belgrade, in the department of theory of art and media and is now a professor of music theory in the same university. She also teaches in other university-level institutions in Serbia and Montenegro (Novi Sad, Kragujevac, and Cetinje) and is equally engaged as a composer and as a music theoretician. She composes orchestral works even though her primary interest lies in the Þ eld of chamber music. Her interest in music theory and analysis focuses on different aspects of musical form. She is especially interested in questions of symmetry and Serbian contemporary music. Her works include: Impresije, for two pianos, Igra kapi, for symphony orchestra, Diasonans, for symphony orchestra, String quartet, Akvarel, for ß ute, oboe and clarinet.