Christina Schilling

(born in 1981, in Seoul, South Korea). Danish songwriter, singer and musician. She was in Denmark when she was 3 months old. She has written songs for artists in Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Ireland, Spain, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania and South Africa. Schilling is a member, songwriter and vocalist of the jazz pop project Technicoloured Roses. She finished her high school education and was also accepted at the music pre-academy programme (MgK). As a songwriter Schilling has worked with artists and producers from Europe as well as the USA, and written several songs for national Eurovision pre selections and the Eurovision Song Contest. In 2013 she co wrote the winner song of Viña del Mar International Song Festival 2013, held in Chile: Because You Can. The song was written by her, Camilla Gottschalck, Hera Björk, Örlygur Smári and Jonas Gladnikoff. This was the first time in history that the winning song of the Viña del Mar International Song Festival was written by a Danish songwriter. In 2011 she co-wrote Falling sung by Nikki Kavanagh, which reached the top 10 on iTunes, Ireland. Her music has also been used in films and musicals, such as Bjørnen (The Bear) by Anton Chekhov in Copenhagen, and Manny Quinn: The Musical in Dublin.
Selected Works: Because You Can; the song Volver performed by Auryn, and was released on the group's album Endless Road, 7058; the song Someday performed by the Icelandic singer Hera Björk; Falling sung by Nikki Kavanagh; single Keep On Playing, album Planet of the Roses with the group Technicoloured Roses, 2012; Like Pantomime performed by the Icelandic artist Erna Hrönn.

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