Ana Serrano van der Laan

(born in 1967 in Madrid, Spain). Singer and songwriter. She grew up in Stockholm, Sweden, moved to England during her adolescence and later to Spain, where she studied Philology of English. She began her musical career in Spain. On her first two CDs, she appeared under the pseudonym Rita Calypso for Siesta, an independent label in collaboration with producer Ramón Leal. With Siesta she participated in other projects, among them as part of the pop duo Magic Whispers. Ana Laan recorded her first solo album with her own songs with Juan Campodónico, Luciano Supervielle (Bajofondo Tango Club) and Jorge Drexler, and coproduced the album with Leo Sidran. She spent the summer of 2006 in New York recording her second disk, "Chocolate and Roses", also produced with Leo Sidran. This album was presented at the South By Southwest festival in Austin, Texas, in March 2007 and in August she went on a brief tour throughout the United States.
Selected recordings: Apocalypso - 2002 (pseudonym Rita Calypso); Sicalyptico - 2004 (pseudonym Rita Calypso); Orégano - 2004/5; Chocolate and Roses – 2007; Sopa de Almendras - 2011