Elisa Serna

(born in 1943 in Spain). Singer and songwriter. She began her artistic career by joining the collective Song Village in Madrid. In 1970 she moved to Paris, where she was influenced by the folk music of areas such as North Africa, Turkey and India. Her first LP, Quejío, was published in 1972, Paco Ibáñez production. She Returned to Spain in 1973, where she was arrested for subversion. Since her release from prison she was prohibited to give concerts and recitals. Her first album was not published in the Spanish market until two years later, under the title Este tiempo ha de acabar. She created the Aphrodite project to facilitate women label production.
Selected recordings: Cuatro poemas de Miguel Hernández, Antonio Machado, Jesús L. Pacheco by Elisa Serna (1969). Ep; La luciérnaga (1969). Ep; No quiso ser (1970). Single; Quejío (1972); Este tiempo ha de acabar (1974); Brasa viva (1975); ¡Choca la mano! (1977); Regreso a la semilla (1978); Alkimia (1992).