Silvia San Miguel

(born in 1963 in Vitoria Gasteiz, Spain). Composer, pianist and teacher. She studied music theory, harmony and piano at the Royal Conservatory of Madrid between 1983 and 1989. She complemented her training in composition with Henk Alkema and John Bavicchi, in conduction with Jeffrey Rink and in piano with Neil Olmstead for five years in Boston she researched the soundtracks in film and premiered several works like La Fantasia de los Elementos at MIT, Shola at the Berklee Performance Center, among others. Currently she teaches in the Luis Aramburu Municipal School of Music in Vitoria.
Selected recordings: CD Dime: imagines sonoras. [Madrid: Sello Autor], D.L. 2007.
Selected works: Cielo protector, 1994, s, a, pf; Distancia, 1994, s, chi, vlc; Fantasía de los elementos, 1994, band; El final del círculo, vl, vla, pf; Homenaje a Cervantes, 2 s, t, bar, 4 vlc, pf, actress, reciter; Homenaje al bosque, 1995, s, choir (voices- bi), pf, reciter; In another time, 1992, fl, 2 cl, fg, pf, cb; Marcha processional, 1995, band; Música inspirada en imagines, pf; Sanctasanctorum, 1997, s, choir (voices- bi), pf.

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