Silvia San Miguel

(born in 1963 in Vitoria Gasteiz, Spain). Composer, pianist and teacher. She studied music theory, harmony and piano at the Royal Conservatory of Madrid between 1983 and 1989. She complemented her training in composition with Henk Alkema and John Bavicchi, in conduction with Jeffrey Rink and in piano with Neil Olmstead for five years in Boston she researched the soundtracks in film and premiered several works like La Fantasia de los Elementos at MIT, Shola at the Berklee Performance Center, among others. Currently she teaches in the Luis Aramburu Municipal School of Music in Vitoria.
Selected recordings: CD Dime: imagines sonoras. [Madrid: Sello Autor], D.L. 2007.
Selected works: Cielo protector, 1994, s, a, pf; Distancia, 1994, s, chi, vlc; Fantasía de los elementos, 1994, band; El final del círculo, vl, vla, pf; Homenaje a Cervantes, 2 s, t, bar, 4 vlc, pf, actress, reciter; Homenaje al bosque, 1995, s, choir (voices- bi), pf, reciter; In another time, 1992, fl, 2 cl, fg, pf, cb; Marcha processional, 1995, band; Música inspirada en imagines, pf; Sanctasanctorum, 1997, s, choir (voices- bi), pf.

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Silvia Sommer

(born in 1944, in Vienna, resident in Vienna), composer. Sommer was accepted into the piano class of Marianne Lauda at the Vienna Academy of Music. Subsequently, she studied piano under Josef Dichler and performed her final examination in 1970; starting in 1959 she studied harmony, counterpoint and composition under Alfred Uhl. She wrote her first piano works at the age of eleven. Her œuvre comprises choral, orchestral and chamber music, songs and pieces for solo instruments, as well as entertainment, background and film music. Sommer has had numerous commissions, radio recordings and concerts. Since 1989 she has composed background music for TV, and she has 195 titles on CD. Since 1980 she has been a freelance composer of serious and entertainment music. She publishes her own scores and CDS. “ Music in my life’s purpose. I can’t imagine a life without it. My compositions are multifaceted and diverse and cannot be assigned to any compositional style”. You need only ears and emotion to feel and understand them”.
Selected works: Sonatina for flute and piano, Au centre du desert für orchestra, Tonkünstler orchestra of Lower Austria (premiere 2004), Sunset in the meadows, 24 piano compositions.
Performances: 5 Israeli Dances for string orchestra, 1st Austrian Women’s Chamber Orchestra, 30 concerts (Europe, China), Concerto for 2 pianos and orchestra, Duo Montrul (première: Argentina, 1994), Vastatio, Tonkünstler, Orchestra of Lower Austria, Musikverein, Golden Hall (Vienna 1999).
Awards: music career grant by the city of Vienna (1970)

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Silvia Statkova (Todorova)

(born in 1964, in Buhovo, region of Sofia, Bulgaria), composer, pedagogue and conductor. She graduated from the State Academy of Music in 1989 majoring in Composition under Professor Krum Maximov. She conducted mixed and children’s choirs. She taught piano and solfeggio. In 2000 she was appointed conductor of the mandolin orchestra at the cultural club Iskra in Sofia. She composed works for symphony orchestra; chamber works; choral songs and songs for children’s ensemble, etc. She took part in competitions for children’s song like the Sing with Us National  Competition. The song “Good hearted Sea” was awarded the prize of the Union of Bulgarian Composers at the Sweet-voiced Lark Competition in Burgas (2003). The recording companies Riva Sound and Mega Sofia released her children’s songs “Painter” and “A Letter to Grandma”.
Selected works: Symphony orchestra: Toccatina (1988); Symphony (1989); Chamber music: “Outplaying”- sonatina for viola and piano, 1988; ” Sunny tree” for baritone and piano, 1990; “Summer” for Baritone and piano, 1990; “Dance” for violin, 1990, “Pastorale” for flute and piano, 1992. Piano “ Mirror Toccata”, 1991, Choral Music: “Artist” for children ensemble, 1993; “The Nightingale” for mixed choir, 1994; “Blue Sky” for children choir, 1995; Letter to Grandmother” for children’s ensemble, 1995; Mummer’s Game for children choir, 1996; “Mother” for children choir, 1996, “Circus” for children’s choir, 1996.