Paola Samoggia

Paola Samoggia (Bologna, Italy) graduated in Piano and in Information sciences and Technology. She has been improving her composing activity with Fabio Vacchi with whom she achieved the Post Graduate Master Course “Composer” at the Opera Academy Verona. Since 2010 she is attending also the High Composition Master Course with Azio Corghi at the Royal Philharmonic Academy of Bologna. While testing new forms of composition she joins the study of sax, violoncello and electronic music to piano. At the same time she improves techniques of jazz improvisation. Year after year her composing and testing activity turn more and more towards visual arts and she co-operates with important artists creating the genres of Music Frame (Fotogramma Musicale) and Sound Scenery (Scenografia Sonora). She co-operates with different producers for the production of spots, documentaries and short films. She composed on commission for major centres of contemporary art galleries and music organizations.

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Patrizia Scascitelli

(Roma, 15 Ottobre 1949), pianista, compositrice, arrangiatrice. Tra le prime donne strumentiste di jazz in Italia, si diploma in pianoforte nel 1971, al Conservatorio ―Santa Cecilia. Studia con Giorgio Gaslini in Italia e con Barry Harris a New York. Il suo primo cd "Ballata" (1974) è considerato dalla rivista ―Jazzit tra i più rappresentativi della cultura giovanile degli anni settanta. Dal 1981 vive a New York dove ha suonato con David "Fathead" Newman, esibendosi allo Square Garden, al Columbia University, all’ Hunter College, al St. Peter Church. E'membro della Fondazione ―Adkins-Chiti: Donne in Musica e dell’ ―International Women in Jazz. Il cd "Live in Rome" è tra i migliori del 2002 nella classifica della rivista ―Musica Jazz e lei è musicista dell'anno 2003. Ha prodotto e registrato a New York il cd "Close Up". Già nel 1974 il suo primo disco "Ballata" è stato considerato dalla rivista ―Jazzit tra i più rappresentativi della cultura giovanile degli anni settanta. Oggi il suo nome si trova in molte enciclopedie e libri incluso ―Growing Up with Jazz di W. Royal Stokes (2005). Il suo CD "Live in Rome" è stato aggiudicato tra i migliori dell’anno 2002 dalla rivista ―Musica Jazz e nel 2003 la Scascitelli è stata nominata ―Musicista Jazz dell'Anno. Altri suoi dischi includono ―Homecoming (1998), ―Close Up (2004) e nel 2009 è stato ri-edito in CD ―Concerto alla Statale di Milano (1975). Tra i suoi brani più popolari: ―Mirella (2003), ―Open Window (2005), ―Conversation With Mike, suite di tre brani (2006), ―First Day Of Spring, sequenza di quattro lavori (2009).

Paulina Sundin

(born in Kristianstad, 1970, resident Stockholm/Sweden), is a Swedish composer in the electro acoustic field. She studied at EMS (the Electronic Music Studio in Stockholm) and the Royal College of Music in Stockholm in 1993-1999. Sundin was selected as the Rotary Foundations goodwill ambassador to England in 1999, where she began a doctorate in electro-acoustic composition at the University of East Anglia, Norwich. Her music has been played in many different countries and also been broadcast on the radio. During her student years were her pieces were premiered in the ISCM World Music Days in South Korea 1997, the Australasian Computer Music Conference in New Zealand 1999, and the Rien á Voir in Canada 1999. Sundin has received commissions from Concerts Sweden (Rikskonserter) for a number of occasions including the opening of their new premises in Stockholm 1997, and the Stockholm Electronic Music Festival 1993 and 1995. More recently, Sundin has worked on commissions from Musik i Väst, the Swedish national radio and the Textile University in Borås in the south of Sweden. She has also worked on individual projects with filmmakers and dance choreographers. She worked as Composer in Residence at CoMA in Växjö 2006-2008 writing instrumental pieces. Sundin teaches electro-acoustic music composition at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. She has taken numerous different courses in electro acoustic music as well as film music in PhD-studies at the University of Huddersfield, England. Her music was represented in the New San Francisco Tape Music Center, USA '04, Sounds of Sweden i Birmingham '97, Acoustic Frontier, Canada, December '03, The Swedish entry for Rostrum '98, New Music Indaba, Grahamstown, South Africa '06 a.o. She is a member of the board of FST (Society of Swedish composers) along with many other assignments.
Selected works: Taal Bundu, 2007 , for sax quartet; Ti Chor, 1997, for sax quartet and tape; Shards, together with Monty Adkins, 2012, for sounding objects; Tertiary frames, 2011, for fl, ob, cl-b, sax-a, perc, pf, vl, vlc; Ytspänning, 2010, for sax quartet; Colliding planes II, together with Monty Adkins, for EAM and live electronics; Kontakt, 1992, for EAM and dance; Ekot av smällen, 1994, for music theater; Inside Round, 1995, vide/computer animation; Ti Chor, 1997, for sax quartet and tape.
Publications direction: Available at Svensk Musik/Swedmic AB
Awards, selection: Stiftelsen Skapande Människa (The foundation Creating Man); FST, (Society of Swedis Composers); Anna Whitlocks memorial fund; STIM (the Swedish Performing Rights Society)
The Royal Music Academy. Stiftelsen Längmanska kulturfonden (The Längman Foundation Cultural foundation).